10 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations

Designers of outdoor art installations often cite the need to provide a second sense to their audience, that of being enveloped in a kind of soothing and protective wholeness. An effective outdoor art installation provides a glimpse into our spiritual life, transforming us from mere spectators into active participants. In addition, it can be very emotionally fulfilling.

10 Incredible Umbrella Art Installations

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But the manner in which we choose to interpret an outdoor art installation is crucial. Some people will view it in a contemplative manner; others, in a joyful one. Those that appreciate it as a recreational pastime might find it sedate and relaxing, whereas those that find it challenging and full of activity might find it chaotic and exhausting.

I have often wondered why the perfect umbrella art installation always seems to fail to generate excitement. Perhaps it is because, for the most part, the populace sees such creations as reminders of the demise of society. And, quite frankly, I think they’re right.

These kinds of exhibits are on display, not because they’re about death, but because they’re about something else: death as spectacle. It’s a bait and switch; a successful lure to attract the poor souls that want to escape reality. As a result, these same galleries have these meaningless objects placed in some prime real estate in the middle of an urban community.

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Nevertheless, it is by no means necessary that such art installations fail to attract people. They can also bring more than enough attention to these destinations. But it is not necessarily through the peaceful calmness that they provide; rather, it is through their amazing and dynamic designs.

Water sculpture – or water fountains as umbrella art installations are known – can and do become an arresting sight in the middle of a city. Such a feat of architecture can make people sit up and take notice. And it can trigger a sense of nostalgia for an earlier time when things were simpler and when life felt less complicated.

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For example, many buildings throughout the world to feature one of the largest umbrella art installations in the world. These structures are anchored in front of hotels, corporate office buildings, and hospitals. At the same time, these structures can give patrons a delightful and magical experience by preventing them from seeing where they are going.

Such art might inspire one to stop in and take a look around. That’s because the finished work is done in such a way that there’s no need to actually see the object. Instead, one can simply feel what it is and follow the silent way it moves, like the wind and the water – or, more literally, like a silent symphony.

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A similar thing can be said about many such art installations that feature the floating form of a human body. In the middle of an urban area, one can see an architectural design that induces a sense of tranquility, peace, and serenity.

A detached artificial body floating in the middle of a room with a huge banner hanging over it can be very hard to ignore. It’s almost as if the whole room is tuned into the presence of the body. And if it’s truly solitary, it may even get a visitor to imagine that they’ve actually fallen asleep amidst this growing body.

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If there is such a thing as an indoor environment that can provide such a tranquilizing experience, I’d love to see it. It would be like walking into a chamber with a mysterious softness. It would be a place where you can close your eyes and feel the peace that can sometimes only be experienced by taking time out of our busy schedules.

It would be the perfect place to relax and let go of our worries. And, since our ideas of an indoor environment tend to include modern ones, with all the clutter and irritating artificial objects, it would be ideal to call our own. No need to invest money and effort in a giant, expensive piece of art; rather, it would be enough to simply get an umbrella art installation from a local dealer and take advantage of the simple wonders that a piece of nature can do.

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