10 Lovely & Functional Small Terrace Design Ideas

A functional small terrace is an opportunity to create more privacy and seclusion without losing the space of your main home. You might not need a fancy garden shed, but you do need functional storage space for your gardening tools and equipment, your patio furniture, and possibly awnings.

10 Lovely & Functional Small Terrace Design Ideas

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If you’ve never built a storage shed before, it’s an excellent idea to first think about what you’re going to use the space for. In the case of a functional small terrace, I’d recommend you put some type of seating around it. I’ve done it with a table and by adding shelving to the walls I can put my chairs on, the two of us in the same space as the garden.

It is a good idea to put some kind of seating area near the patio doors, so if the weather starts to get warmer you can get your flowers in your main house and get comfortable. Of course, there is a possibility that you’ll want to sit outside with your lawnmower when the weather starts to get colder, but this is a very different scenario. If your main house is warm and cozy, then you can be comfortable sitting out on your functional small terrace in the summer, while having some fresh air and a chance to mow the lawn.

Even with strong wind blowing, this is an excellent place to get some sun on your face and shoulders. If you sit on the patio tables or chairs, you can watch the birds come in from the trees and look for insects to eat. And in the spring, it’s an excellent place to watch the grass grow and the first shoots of plants start to breakthrough.

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Since the terrace is meant to have just enough space for the people to sit, it is also important to make sure that the seats are comfortable. Choose an area that is level, and that will give you more height if you want to stand up, or will accommodate your legs and back comfortably. Don’t make the mistake of trying to fit a six-foot-tall person into a three-foot-wide seat, there is nothing comfortable about that.

Make sure the seats have a good back to them and are high enough so you don’t have to stoop to get anything out of the large storage space. The best chairs are those that fold up, or that don’t fit into space at all. These can be bought very cheaply and will last you a very long time.

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With the seating in place, you can now work on the landscaping around the garden area. Put some trees around so you can enjoy the view of the garden, and the view of the landscape. If you want a formal garden, you can also put in some smaller shrubs and flowers around the garden and patio area.

Just because you’re building the garden for a small terrace doesn’t mean you can’t use different materials for the plants, because you can. You can plant trees and flowers that won’t be bothered by the wind or use some plants that need less water than the larger plants and offer a more interesting plant life.

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When you’re considering how to best care for your plants, there are two things you should take into consideration, the size of the plants, and the wind. For instance, if you have a large water lily, you might want to leave it out all summer, and just plant some smaller plants around it to take care of the root ball. This way, the bigger plants don’t take over the entire space, and you can watch the size of the water lily grow.

If you have very large water lilies, you might want to put them on the patio in the winter, so the birds don’t ruin them. They’re also a great place to plant containers of seedlings for the next year, to allow you to plant seedlings year-round.

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The formal garden can be designed more formally, with some statues to bring it all together. The plants should go on a trellis, and the benches are perfect to either sit on them or just let out on the patio. You can hang the baskets down by the entrance, or on the edges to give the appearance of more structure.

If you’re building your functional small terrace to create more privacy or seclusion without losing the space of your main house, your patio may need to hold a little bit more than just a functional storage area. For some extra protection, you can add some rocks or pebbles on top of the ground and set it off with fencing or a large wrought iron wall.

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